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ARITH affects the maximum number of digits that you can code for integers, and the number of digits used in fixed-point intermediate results. By specifying ARITH complier option we can control the maximum number of digits allowed for decimal numbers (packed decimal, zoned decimal and numeric-edited data items and numeric literals). ARITH(EXTEND) : Max. Number of digits 31. ARITH(COMPAT) : Max. Number of digits 18. Default is: ARITH(COMPAT) ... Read More
DFSORT can be used to do VB to FB conversion, when sorting, copying or merging. The VTOF or CONVERT and OUTREC operands of OUTFIL can be used to change variable-length (e.g. VB) input records to fixed-length (e.g. FB) output records. VTOF or CONVERT indicates that conversion is to be performed and OUTREC defines the reformatted records. All output data sets for which VTOF or CONVERT is used must have or will be given fixed-length record formats. ... Read More
Flat files can be recovered by following the below mentioned steps. Start 6 HLIST BCDS DSN(‘filename’) Wait for the system notification Type the command HRECOVER ‘filename’ and wait for system notification Different variations of HRECOVER are given below. HRECOVER ‘filename’ : recovers with same name. HRECOVER ‘old filename’ NEW (‘new filename’) : recovers and assigns new name. HRECOVER ‘file name’ REPLACE : recovers replacing a file with same name. ... Read More

AUTOTYPE Suggestion
21 March 2012

How wonderful it feels when Internet explorer suggests names for URLs when we start typing the first few letters! Our mainframe also has the ability to do pretty much the same. Using KEYS command on the command line, assign a free PF key with the value AUTOTYPE. We are all set. Now use 3.4 to go to the Data Set list utility and then type the first few qualifier of the required data set. ... Read More