What I'm Thinking

Our own song lyrics and singing for “Christmas” event in Alliance Français of Madras. We friends rocked the floor with the french version of “Why this Kolaveri di?‘” song from Tamil :) Lyrics of our song: Pourquoi cette colère colère colère … dis ! Pourquoi cette colère, colère, colère, … dis ! Pourquoi cette colère, colère, colère, … dis ! Pourquoi cette colère, … … dis ! Très loin, c’est la lune lune ... Read More

Fumer Comme un Pompier
10 February 2013

Avec cet expression vous pensez que les pompiers fument beacoup du tabac que les autres? Non. Cet expression signifie une personne fumant beacoup du tabac ou les cigarettes. En disant cet expression je rappelle un de mes amis qui fume beacoup chez mon bureau.

COBOL Code Optimization
27 April 2012

To assist in the optimization of the code, you should use the OPTIMIZE compiler option. With the OPTIMIZE(STD) or OPTIMIZE(FULL) options in effect, you may receive optimizations that include: eliminating unnecessary branches simplifying inefficient branches simplifying the code for the out-of-line PERFORM statement, moving the performed paragraphs in-line,where possible simplifying the code for a CALL to a contained (nested) program, moving the called statements in-line,where possible eliminating duplicate computations eliminating constant computations aggregating moves of contiguous, equal-sized items into a single move deleting unreachable code Additionally, with the OPTIMIZE(FULL) option in effect, you may also receive these optimizations: ... Read More