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Read and Download several question and answers for the IBM DB2 9 certification exam. Section 1 - Planning (14%) Knowledge of restricting data access Knowledge of the features or functions available in DB2 tools (just tools that come with product - distributed +space - i.e., control center, configuration advisor, configuration assistant, command line processor) Knowledge database workloads (OLTP vs warehousing) Knowledge of non-relational data concepts (extenders) Knowledge of XML data implications (non-shreading) Section 2 - Security (11%) ... Read More
Download 7 high quality wallpapers for your computer. The image might load little slow as the size of each image is 3MB. You can save those images for your local copy.
In Mainframe, using Sort, how can I replace all the low-values in a file to spaces? We can use ALTSEQ CODE to change the low-values or high-values to spaces in a file using Sort. Here’s an example of how you could change all low values (X’00’) to spaces (X’40’), in an FB data set with an LRECL of 80: ALTSEQ CODE=(0040) OUTREC FIELDS=(1,80,TRAN=ALTSEQ)