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When you copy large files (greater than 3 GB) to your USB pen drive, it’s almost sure that you will get an error alerting that “Disk drive is full”. I am sure you will be surprised on seeing this error as your USB pen drive will have more than 10 GB available. I swear, I did got surprised. I confirmed that my USB drive has enough space. I spend some time on finding out why this happens. ... Read More
Je voudrais partager quelques sites sur le sujet de “lettre”. OK, now in English. I would like to share some good website resources for writing all kinds of letters in French. http://www.modele-lettre.com - This site has good source of letters with more than 1000 models of letters. The letters are classified well under several categories for easy access and searching. This site has high quality content. You can even find some interesting stuffs on writing your CV in French. ... Read More
You would have came across a FTP application like FileZilla or WinSCP which you have used to access a FTP server. These are Windows based and you need to install them on your desktop if you want to use them. As a developer I commonly come across some situations where I need to access a FTP server but not in the position to use the FileZilla or install it. And again I was today in that situation and did a small research to find an alternative approach. ... Read More
Lets assume that you have a PROC with the following step which has 5 concatenated steps. //STEP010 EXEC PGM=PROGRAM1 //INPUTF DD DSN=INPUT.FILE1,DISP=SHR // DD DSN=INPUT.FILE2,DISP=SHR // DD DSN=INPUT.FILE3,DISP=SHR // DD DSN=INPUT.FILE4,DISP=SHR // DD DSN=INPUT.FILE5,DISP=SHR In the JCL which calls the above mentioned PROC, you want to override only one of the 5 concatenated files from PROC. For example, you want to override the 3rd concatenated file with another file called INPUT. ... Read More
Are you an smart phone user? How many times in a given day, you unlock your phone screen to work on it? Read the title of this article. Yes. You heard it right. You can earn some fortune when you unlocking your smart phone every time. You would have been fed-up with the advertisements that you receive in many free Android apps. Application developers make money by forcing the users to live with the advertisements. ... Read More