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We can specify the max limit of TIME parameter as TIME=NOLIMIT TIME=MAXIMUM Now which specification gives maximum time for a JOB? TIME=MAXIMUM will allow the job to run for 357912 minutes (248.55 days) TIME=NOLIMIT will allow the job for unlimited amount of time Another advantage of NOLIMIT option is that it can remain in wait status for more than the installation time limit.
I have a JCL with 20 steps. Due to some reasons I want to execute the step 15 only. One way to do it is to use RESTART from STEP15, but it will try to execute the subsequent steps too. We have to insert null statement after step15 to prevent the execution of subsequent steps. But one decent way is there in which we don’t need to touch the job steps code, but alter only the Jobcard. ... Read More

DB2 Index with Expressions
23 January 2012

Prior to DB2 9, the create index statement only allowed you to use the column name from the table the index is being built on. The same value for each column stored on the table was copied into the index and used to quickly identify the row when searching by that column name. Now with DB2 9, the create index statement supports a feature known as key expressions. Here’s why key expressions should interest you. ... Read More
It is possible to execute a program from any library using the referback feature. STEP1 EXEC PGM=IEFBR14 //PROGRAM DD DSN=SYSTEM.PGM.LOADLIB(COBOLPGM),DISP=SHR . . . . . //STEP2 EXEC PGM=*.STEP1.PROGRAM

Like the DB2 LIKE
20 January 2012

The LIKE phrase defines a mask for comparing characters: WHERE COL_VAL [NOT] LIKE mask A mask may be a host variable or a literal enclosed in quotes and may contain any number of: Mask What to Find? character literal for an exact match underscore character for any single character percent sign character for any sequence of characters of length 0 or more For example: ... Read More